Jeans Tied to the Modern Day Genes

It is a matter of chance that’s needed to become a fashion statement. It was women’s clothing which made this true for the market of jeans. Moreover, a working woman in a non-formal surrounding really needed something that did not have either the formal air or the frills and loose feeling.

There were issues of bleeding to be taken care of as well. Jeans rightly found its place in the western society. Today, it has been lapped all across the globe as one fabric which has broken barriers and transcended boundaries.

Purists shouted slogans; more so when the fabric began to be torn at places, cut through blades and rubbed hard for acquiring the necessary “fade”. The cynics called this roguish style of dressing. But the women simply loved it. The way it let them flow freely, walk merrily, dance without inhibition and make love assured in the feeling that the tightness of jeans would amply show their curves.

Style has been the main factor when picking jeans, it usually reflects the character by making the curves clearer on a women’s lower body. Looking sleek and stylish is a task of every women I knew and this is never going to change.

Jeans as a fashion statement has outlasted its appeal but today, like in the past and probably, as it would still be in future, jeans are certainly a woman’s clothing which has been the reason why women have felt free. It has provided the freedom of a new birth.

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